Election 2020 Experience

Microsoft News gets more than 200,000 pieces of content from publishing partners every day, live election results from the Associated Press, and access to in-house sentiment polling in partnership with CivicScience. It’s a lot of news and data for readers to explore--so how can design create a frictionless experience that highlights the world-class content and data we have available to our readers?

Product Principles

As a project within the Trust Initiative, our guiding principle was building trust with our readers. We sought to accomplish this by providing ways to interact with and explore data, transparency of sources and methods, and opportunities to elevate the voices of our editorial team. 

Role + Team Structure

The team was comprised of a project lead, feature managers, and developers representing areas such as editorial, tooling, telemetry, data modules, and engineering platforms. As lead designer, I collaborated with the project lead in establishing and executing experience deliverables. I also worked closely with product feature owners and developers throughout the process.

Plain-cards new-Cards

Design solution

I focused my efforts into three spaces. The first was reinterpreting our exisiting card feed framework into a more branded and curated experience.

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